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MatMates Decorative DoormatsMatMates™ Interchangeable Doormats are another product from Magnet Works, Ltd. These beautiful designs look great when used stand-alone but, they really come to life when they are used as inserts in an indoor, or outdoor, decorative tray (sold separately).

MatMates™ designs coordinate with Studio-M standard and garden size flags, Mail Wraps® for your mailbox and Yard DeSigns® yard art to complete your yard decorating theme.MatMates Decorative Doormats

Doormat Size: 18"W x 30"L - made with non-slip recycled rubber and weatherproof for outdoor use. Decorative Tray Size: 24"W x 36"L - sold separately in the accessories section.

Note: Mat designs pictured in this section are shown in optional decorative trays.
MatMatesTM is a registered trademark of Magnet Works, Ltd. | U.S. Patent 4,991,769 | (C) Magnet Works, Ltd.

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